22 February, 2024 0 comment

António Damásio: a great promoter of the application of neuroscience in development and human capital programmes

Neuroscientist António Damásio was one of the Seal Group’s great inspirations for including science in development and human capital programmes.

As our guest speaker at the 2019 Connecting Healthcare Conference, Damásio addressed a number of questions: how does the brain build a mind? How does the brain make that mind conscious? What structure does the human brain need and how does it have to function in order for conscious minds to emerge?

Neuroscientist António Damásio has been studying the human mind and brain for over thirty years and is the author of a vast body of work published in books and scientific articles.

He has developed a deep reflection on important discoveries, old and new, in neuroscientific research, so that he has profoundly changed his point of view on particular issues: the origin and nature of feelings, and the mechanisms behind the self.